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Outdoor Meditation

About Meg Blohm 
( in "Ohm")

"I hope to hold space where we may all find connection, come home to ourselves, restore, and find deep Peace. Joy is your birthright. Let your journey and deep healing begin."  - Meg

Nourishing the Soul with Meditation

Wellness, self-discovery, and connection have been a lifelong focus for Meg.  After 15 years in a fast-paced career as a sought-after stylist, burnout and a search for deeper self-inquiry and connection brought iRest© Yoga Nidra and meditation into her life.


Since 2017, she has been trained as a Level1 and Level2 iRest© instructor, and has been implementing modern, trauma-informed adaptations of ancient secular meditation practices for groups and individuals of all ages (both in-person and online). It is her heartfelt desire to make restful self-inquiry more fun, accessible and relatable for tired, stressed out, busy people.

Acting from a deep inner drive, Meg strives to create a warm, nurturing and welcoming space for individuals of all experiences and backgrounds to grow and feel supported.

With 25+ years as a classically trained musician and instrumentalist, Meg is recognized as a Certified Sound Healer by The Sound Healer's Academy© and Susy Schieffelin of The Copper Vessel. She combines accessible meditation with a variety of instruments to mindfully curate sleepy sound experiences for"rest and digest" moments, meditations, journeying, and experiencing "vagal breaks" for our often overstimulated brains. 


Meg offers Sound Healing infused with the highest quality Alchemy Bowls from Crystal Tones©.  These are one-of-a-kind, and create frequencies which work within the body to stimulate cell activity commonly associated with DNA healing and cell repair.


Clairvoyance and Energy Work

Under several mentorships including renowned medium Sara Reeves of MPUnleashed and The Night Owl Podcast Team, Meg has refined her metaphysical skills and her intuitive gifts to combine with her training and knowledge of sound frequency and neuroscience.

With guidance and support from her network of trusted friends and renowned experts, Meg continues to grow and develop her clairvoyance and metaphysical practices on an ongoing basis.​

 Network of Trusted Friends

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