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Let Your Journey Begin


Let Your Journey Begin

Hello and Welcome! Human'ing can be hard. Meg is here to help by bringing you simplified modernized meditations, channeled readings, and sound healing. With practical mindful-based tools to help yourself move beyond your stress, anxiety, fears, and fatigue Meg can help you more easily re-connect with your inner wisdom and radiance.  


Wellness, self-healing, and connection have been a lifelong focus for Meg.  After 15 years in a fast-paced career in the salon and spa environment as a hairstylist, burnout and a search for deeper self-inquiry and connection brought iRest© Yoga Nidra and meditation into Meg's life. Since 2017, she has been teaching iRest© and various core practices to groups and individuals both in-person and online. It is her heartfelt desire to make restful self-inquiry more fun, accessible and relatable for busy people.


Also a classically trained musician, proud student of The Copper Vessel©, and The Sound Healer's Academy, Meg proudly offers Crystal Alchemy Sound Healing with the highest quality Alchemy Bowls from Crystal Tones©. These luxe singing bowls are created from the purest American-mined quartz combined with precious metals, gemstones, and earth elements. Meg's alchemy set is one-of-a-kind, and is hand curated with love and intention to work with energies of the main chakras and the endocrine system.


Combining her Clairvoyance and intuitive gifts with her science-based training and knowledge to share insight and healing, Meg is able to offer:

  • Meditations & iRest© classes and 1:1's

  • Energy Work & Personal Readings 

  • Sound Baths & Crystal Alchemy Healing

  • Access Bars - Sub-Conscious Releases

  • Usui Reiki


She also facilitates Sacred Ceremony for:

  • Home/Space/Environment Energetic Clearing

  • Friend/Family/Group Connection Ceremony

  • Mama Blessing  (honoring mother's transition)

  • Honoring loved ones

  • Anniversaries

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Lunar and Solar Events

...(Customized for each ceremony, contact for pricing.)

A wide range of skills in meditation and metaphysical practices enables Meg to facilitate many complimentary modalities to support and celebrate you on your journey.She can help meet your evolving needs for rest and energetic healing in today's busy and stress-filled world.

Acting from a deep inner drive, Meg strives to continue developing her knowledge and honing her skills to create a warm, nurturing and welcoming space for individuals of all experiences and backgrounds to grow and feel supported.


"I hope to hold space where we may all find connection, come home to ourselves, restore, and find deep Peace. Joy is your birthright. Let your journey and deep healing begin."  - Meg


“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment"



Austin, Texas


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Although anyone may find these practices useful, it is made available with the understanding that Meg Blohm is not engaged in offering medical, psychological, emotional advice. Nor is anything in this practice intended to be a diagnosis, prescription, recommendation or cure for any specific kind of medical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual problem. Each individual has unique needs and this practice cannot take these individual differences into account. Each person should engage in a program of treatment, prevention, cure, or general health only in consultation with a licensed, qualified physician, therapist or other competent professional.