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Hello & Welcome


Sometimes, Human'ing can be hard.


It is not uncommon for us to be very busy, and running on “empty”. We often go until we simply cannot go any longer.

It is my heartfelt mission to help people find rest, relaxation, and resiliency. Using binaural frequencies, sleepy sound alchemy, iRest™ yoga nidra, Somatic Meditations, and mindful-based techniques, let's help you to help yourself move beyond stress, anxiety, fears, and fatigue.

 Re-awaken to your True Nature as a Human-BEING...


(after all, you're not not a human-DOING)

"Taking a pause when you need a pause is a gift to yourself." -Oprah Winfrey

Check in with my Calendar of upcoming offerings & events

Among classes, private ceremonies, and group offerings, I also hold space for one-on-one opportunities. Trauma-informed personal guided meditation sessions for deeper exploration or self-healing support, cacao ceremony, mantra, breath-work, and playful creative, intuitive exploration. I am here to create and hold space for what wants to unfold.

Have a Rest! Discover your own insight, radiance and guidance from within. Be well, friends!


"Every time I'm able to sit and share energy with Meg, I feel like a million bucks afterward. She's just *that* person, she spins a cocoon of healing energy full of light and you feel so comfortable in her presence."  -Jaxon W.


"Meg's healing bowl sessions are out of this world, I felt like I was literally floating in space and all this beautiful colorful energy was weaving and flowing around me. So much pink and green, so much pure love! That's what you're getting with Meg, truly a magical being of light who is firmly on the path this lifetime was meant for. " -Sydney P.

"If you're considering booking a reading or bowls session with her take this as a sign to go for it. I promise you won't be disappointed!" -Rebecca G.

“Expect the unexpected! My sound bath with Meg was more than I could have ever hoped for. As an experienced meditation teacher, I was floored by how quickly the sound bath allowed me to ‘drop in’ to that spacious, meditative place I love so much".  -Casey S.

“I’ve worked with Meg for quite some time however after she has added sound healing with signing bowls it has been a game changer for me. After our sessions I feel more relaxed, energized, refreshed and with a sense of clarity."  -Violet A.



"Her voice and the sound of the bowls have guided me through healing and releasing and truly feeling the energy and emotions in my own body."  - Alison B.



Austin, Texas

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