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Outdoor Meditation

About Meg Blohm 
( in "Ohm")

"I hope to hold space where we may all find connection, come home to ourselves, restore, and find deep Peace. Joy is your birthright. Let your journey and deep healing begin."  - Meg

Nourishing the Soul with Meditation

Austin Texas based Sound Alchemist, Meg Blohm's mission is to promote holistic well-being and inner harmony through the transformative power of sound. She dedicates herself to providing a nurturing and immersive experience that facilitates healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.


Through her carefully crafted sound healing sessions and workshops, she strives to create a sacred space where individuals can release stress, find deep relaxation, and reconnect with their innermost self. As a highly skilled musician and practitioner, Meg utilizes a diverse array of  instruments, including crystal alchemy singing bowls, gongs, various flutes, and other therapeutic tools, to guide clients on a journey of self-discovery and renewal.

Meg is committed to fostering a supportive and compassionate environment that honors each person's unique healing journey. By honoring ancient traditions and integrating modern scientific research, she aims to offer evidence-based sound healing practices that complement and enhance conventional healthcare modalities.


As a believer in the innate wisdom of the body and mind, Meg seeks to empower individuals to unlock their full potential for self-healing and personal growth. Music is her lifelong passion, and sound healing drives her to continuously expand her knowledge, refine her techniques, and share the profound benefits of sound therapy with our community.

Meg Blohm | Meditation with Meg | Austin Sound Healer

Metaphysical and Energy Work

With profound respect for the interconnectedness of all beings and the environment, Meg is dedicated to promoting greater harmony, both within herself and in the world around her. It is her mission is to be a beacon of healing vibrations, guiding clients towards a more balanced, joyful, and harmonious way of living.

 Network of Trusted Friends

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