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Join Sound Healer and iRest instructor Meg Blohm in this exclusive

Enjoy the Journey Membership

A Monthly Mindfulness Collective

Meg Blohm | Meditation with Meg | Austin Sound Healer
A 'Meditation with Meg' sanctuary designed to guide you on a journey of mindfulness, meditation, and sound healing. Within this membership, you'll uncover the magic to infuse your daily life with offerings that leave you feeling calmer, and more present in each moment. Infuse your spirit each day in a space intentionally created, ensuring that you rest, restore, explore self love, and embrace your human'ness.

Step into the embrace of sound healing guided by the wisdom of Meditation with Meg. A busy mom,  sound healer, and meditation instructor who walks her talk - Austin based Meg Blohm infuses restful offerings with sound therapy from decades of musical training. Knowing what it means to be a parent and live a busy, full and dynamic life, offerings are created from personal experience and practice.


Her mastery of tuning, pitch and harmonics combined with a profound understanding of frequency and cymatics allows her to intentionally craft sound alchemies with awareness of the related psychology, and neurology behind by each experience. Meg is trained as a Level 2 iRest instructor and enjoys sharing the neuroscience behind meditation and sound healing (Let's get you rested and feeling calmer!)

Are you prepared to witness the awakening of profound inner peace, relaxation, and harmony, scientifically supported by the mysteries of the mind? Welcome to your gateway, where the world of sound healing unfolds through Meg's loving guidance. Whether you're a seasoned explorer of sound or a novice on this enchanting path, this sacred library is your key to unlock the boundless blessings of sound therapy, commencing a transformative voyage of the spirit.

What's Included: 


Benefits to Enjoy with Enjoy the Journey Membership access -  Video Library:


1. Highest Quality Custom Collection of Sound Healing Instruments and tools: Access a vast and curated collection of sounds from crystal alchemy sound bowls, flutes, chimes, gongs, rattles, and even occasional digital ambiance. Master-level instruments creating the purest tones from the finest makers in the world.


2. Expert Guided Sessions: Meg’s 30+ years of formal musical training and her years of theoretical experience in the science sound will guide you through each session. With a certified professional from The Sound Healer's Academy, you will experience various refined and intentional techniques, from subtle harmonics and binaural technology to simple breathing techniques, and Integrative Restoration (iRest). All backed by years of devoted study and personal practice.


3. Holistic Wellbeing: Using Secular Practices, and Modernized Yoga Nidra techniques, Meg uses iRest incorporated into sessions. Resiliency training developed for the military and first responders for calm, relaxed sense of ease and peace. Experience relief from stress, anxiety, and physical discomfort as the soothing vibrations of sound bowls wash away negative energy and promote a sense of calm presence that integrates naturally over time.


4. Convenient Online Access: Enjoy unlimited access to this heartfelt video library from the comfort of your home. Practice sound healing or guided meditation whenever it suits your schedule.


6. Full-Access, Cancel Anytime: Purchase once or enjoy access to this ever-expanding library. No hidden costs.

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Invest in Your Wellbeing Today.


Transform your life with the power of sound healing. Join the Meditation with MegEnjoy the Journey |  Membership today and embark on a journey to unlock inner harmony, reduce stress, and improve your overall quality of life.

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