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30-Day Meditation Mini-Quest

Why Join Us?


Transformation: Discover the power of daily meditation as it transforms your life, one day at a time.

Supportive Community: Connect with a vibrant community of seekers, all on a similar quest for inner peace and self-awareness.

Expert Guidance: Benefit from the wisdom and guidance of Meg and Violeta, your dedicated mentors.

Accountability: Our daily calls and Slack Group keep you accountable to your meditation practice.

Joyful Gratitude: Conclude our quest with a joyful gratitude ceremony, celebrating your journey and accomplishments.

Invest in Yourself each day.


We are so excited that you have said YES to this next level of your growth and cannot wait for our 30-Day Quest together to begin!!

Your next steps are:

- Sign the Accountability Agreement

- Join the Slack group (if you wish)

- Add the Zoom Link to your calendar (links below)

We will see you soon on November 1st for our opening call. 

Love and Gratitude,

Meg & Violeta

Resources & Links:

Welcome Video

Zoom Calendar Links

Google Calendar          Outlook Calendar          Yahoo Calendar

Contact Us:

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